The Bristol Cocktail Co.

The Bristol Cocktail Co.

Project details

Bristol Cocktails are a new brand that is founded by a master of Syrups and a awards winning mixologist. It’s all about having the fun of a night out but in. Simplifying life so the consumer can focus on enjoying themselves, not having to construct a multitude of drinks all the time and safe in the knowledge that these drinks are balanced to perfection.

The identity and packaging takes this approach too, unclustered, minimal design delivers a sleek result. A copper foil to reflect stills that spirits are made in adds a premium touch to the product. The backs of the bottles are die-cut to reveal the glass in which the drink should be consumed. As the drink is consumed a colourful illustration reflecting the heritage/flavour of the drink and depicting a group of people enjoying their night is revealed on the inside of the label. An added discovery to the consumer.

What we did